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100 miles outside of Hampton Roads, or crosses Virginia state lines



Here are a few factors that may affect your moving budget:

How far are you moving? How much stuff are you moving? Will you pack yourself or would you like us to pack for you? Will you have accessorial charges? This is moving lingo for charges due to obstacles that keep the door of the truck away from the door of your new or old home. This includes things like flights of stairs, elevators and long carries. All moving companies are going to charge you for this, whether they tell you or not. We like to tell you.





Non-stop service in an exclusive truck.

Our expertise at planning moves and managing logistics allows us to easily support clients moving anywhere within the U.S.

Most long-distance moves by other moving companies are done in shared trucks that make several stops en route.  Bust-A-Move provides non-stop service in an exclusive truck which is extremely helpful when you are short on time. Bust-A-Move can move your belongings, and just your belongings anywhere in the continental U.S.,  in most cases within just a few days.

To pack or not to pack?

Our Relocation Specialist can pack up your belongings for you or we can simply send out our movers and a truck to move your boxes and furniture. Either way, you will receive complete VIP treatment. How much we do is up to you. Don't want to hassle with hunting for boxes? You can purchase boxes and packing supplies directly from Bust-A-Move when you book online. A Relocation Specialist can drop off your moving supplies prior to your moving date. Check out our pricing on moving supplies.

Packing Supplies

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